Feature Roadmap

SkyBell is committed to creating the smartest, most advanced Wi-Fi video doorbell in the world. We will continue to add new features, improve existing features and take every opportunity to make SkyBell better, faster and smarter. Below is a list of features currently included in SkyBell and what you can expect soon.

**iOS users may experience an extra 3-5 days for an app review.

Current Features

  1. Answer video feed
  2. 2-way audio
  3. 1-way video
  4. Multiple Devices with shared Login
  5. Change Device Name
  6. Change Device Image
  7. Change Account Image
  8. Invisible Night Vision
  9. Silent Mode / Do Not Disturb with On/Off Switch
  10. Motion Sensor Activation
  11. Motion Sensor – On/Off Switch
  12. Doorbell Sound for Push Notification Alert
  13. Pop-up alert that another user answered the video feed
  14. Firmware version and device ID information
  15. Power Reset initiated by button press
  16. On-Demand Camera Access
  17. Angled Adapter
  18. Door Frame Adapter

Dedication to Innovation

SkyBell is an innovator in the space of home automation hardware. This is why we were named as a 2014 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award Nomimee. We are committed to developing the smartest and most powerful video doorbell in the world. We are always improving the firmware, mobile apps and features. We’ll make announcements as new updates and features are available.

Automatic Updates

All the features noted above can be updated automatically “over-the-air”.