Firmware Update 2-8-14

This page provides additional information for SkyBell Firmware update posted on 2-8-14.

How to Get the Update?

**Android users should wait to do the below unti the new app is available. It will be submitted by end of day Sunday (2/9/14).

For users that have a green light and SkyBell is working well, you do not need to do anything.

For users that do NOT have a solid green light, we encourage you to try the following:

  1. Power down your SkyBell from the circuit breaker for 10 seconds while also powering down your modem for 10-15 seconds
  2. Then allow SkyBell to resolve itself for a few minutes and then follow the below steps based on your situation:
  • If you see a green light and you previously deleted your SkyBell from your app account, please re-sync SkyBell to your app.
  • If you see a green light and you did not delete your SkyBell from your app account, press the SkyBell button and see if you can receive the live video feed. If you still cannot, uninstall and redownload the app or conduct a speed test with the information below and contact us.
  • If you see a solid red light and have never been able to sync your device before, attempt the syncing process again. Please only try it 2-3 times at the most.

What’s Included?

This update includes the following:

  1. Solve most issues related to syncing SkyBell for the first time
  2. Most remaining issues related to a green blinking light, red light or red blinking light after successfully syncing and using SkyBell
  3. Improve the call experience for Android once the new app is available (Available by Sunday night 2-9-14)
  4. Includes Motion Sensor and the On/Off switch for motion sensor


If you are still experiencing an issue, please do not continue to troubleshoot, re-sync your device on the original mobile device or another, delete your SkyBell from your account or attempt to create yourself as user. Please Contact us and we’ll do our best to troubleshoot with your specific situation.

Note on Motion Sensor

The range is currently 12-24 inches and is triggered when person is in front of SkyBell for more than 10-15 seconds. This is the foundation and we will work on expanding the triggers next week. The on/off switch is in the Individual Device Settings page for your SkyBell.