Press Release: Funding Target Reached

SkyBell Exceeds $100K Indiegogo Funding Goal in Five Days, Sets Sights Higher

Irvine, CA (August 15, 2013) – SkyBell, a developer of groundbreaking digital-lifestyle technology, announced today that the company’s initial five-week Indiegogo funding goal of $100,000 has been achieved in under five days. SkyBell’s WiFi-enabled smart doorbell system received backers from 38 different countries, demonstrating a global appetite for SkyBell’s blend of exclusive features, smartphone integration, and practical functionality.

“We’re thrilled that SkyBell has found such a devoted audience so quickly,” says Desiree Mejia, SkyBell co-founder and CEO. “SkyBell was created out of a desire to give everyday users greater confidence in staying connected to their home through technology. With so many orders from all over the world, we think that the global market — from on-the-go professionals remotely checking up to stay-at-home moms needing a closer look before opening the door — has shown the need for a smart camera-enabled, WiFi connected doorbell.”

Developed by technology industry veterans, SkyBell gives users a cutting-edge way to use mobile devices to see, hear and speak with a person at their door. The hardware connects easily to most standard doorbell transformers and sends a signal via WiFi or mobile data network to synced smartphones and tablets wherever the user is. Its clear camera and two-way audio system compliments additional exclusive features, including:

  • On-demand camera access
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Motion sensor call activation
  • Night vision initiated with infrared LED
  • Multiple user notification
  • Automatic updates

“Our initial funding goal of $100,000 is just the beginning,” says Mejia. “SkyBell’s team has spent years pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and now that we’ve exceeded our initial funding goal, our developers will continue to innovate while rewarding early adopters.”

Described as an “ingenious little gadget” by TechCrunch, SkyBell’s launch target is October 31, 2013 with wider distribution available by the holiday season. In the meantime, the company continues to attract early adopters with a wide range of perks through Indiegogo, from launch-phase pre-orders to customized hardware color and bulk device discounts.

“SkyBell offers features and design innovations that are unique and exciting,” says Andrew Thomas, co-founder of SkyBell. “With a small form factor, minimal design, motion sensor and advanced features, we feel that early adopters have recognized the possibilities with SkyBell and the connected home.”

Indiegogo funders continue to pre-order SkyBell at a reduced price with pre-retail delivery. For more information, Click here to visit the SkyBell Indiegogo page.

About SkyBell

Founded in June 2013, SkyBell was created out of a passion to create useful technology that keeps us connected and enhances our everyday lives. SkyBell gives users a way to “answer their door” whether they’re at home, at work, or on the go. Click here to visit the SkyBell Indiegogo page.

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