Press Release: SkyBell Launches IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign

SkyBell – New WiFi-enabled Doorbell Allows Consumers to Easily Monitor and Stay Connected to their Front Doors at Any Time, From Anywhere

Newly Launched Indiegogo Campaign Offers Backers a Discounted Rate

Irvine, CA (August 14, 2013) – SkyBell, a digital lifestyle gadget company, has launched an Indiegogo campaign for its new WiFi-enabled doorbell. The SkyBell doorbell enables users to answer the front door from their mobile device. SkyBell uses cutting edge technology to make answering the front door convenient and easy.

The beautifully designed SkyBell device replaces a current doorbell and connects to a home’s WiFi network. When a visitor pushes the button, the device sends an alert to a user’s smartphone or tablet and they can choose to ignore or answer the call. If answered, the user will see, hear and speak to the person at the front door. The call from the digital doorbell is routed to the mobile device over both WiFi and cellular networks.

SkyBell is perfect for parents, frequent travelers, on-the-go professionals, senior citizens, or anybody who wants to stay connected with their homes.

“SkyBell began with a single mission: to create technology that improves our everyday lives and helps people stay connected to their homes. As a busy executive who travels often, I am constantly on the go and needed a way to ‘be home’ even when I wasn’t. Being able to keep tabs on the house while traveling, brought me peace of mind,” said Desiree Mejia, co-founder and CEO, SkyBell. “When it comes to connected gadgets, people are seeking simplicity, and SkyBell is easy to install and easy to use. SkyBell gives everyone exactly what they want — anytime, anywhere connectivity to their home.”

No other doorbell device offers an advanced feature set that includes:

  • Multiple users: allows for unlimited users on an account so an entire family can receive alerts when a visitor rings the doorbell
  • User initiation: users can initiate communication with the front door through their mobile device, even if the visitor doesn’t ring the bell
  • Patent-pending motion sensor technology: primes connection and starts call before button is pressed, resulting in faster connections and reduced delays
  • Night vision with infrared LED camera: captures video in total darkness
  • LED indicator: notifies user when WiFi connection is lost
  • Do not disturb mode: allows a user to turn off their traditional home chime so it does not make a sound in the house
  • Automatic updates: updates device without having to sync or plug into a computer
    Secure connection: provides an unparalleled level of encryption and SSL for bank-level security
  • 2-Way Voice – 1-Way Video: homeowner sees and hears visitor; visitor hears homeowner

“Our goal was to bring the highest quality, WiFi-enabled doorbell to market at an affordable price point,” said SkyBell Co-founder Andrew Thomas. “SkyBell is the most advanced digital doorbell available today and the latest gadget for the digital lifestyle. We’re also excited to note that all manufacturing and production is done in the USA.”

The Indiegogo funding goal is $100,000USD and aims to facilitate the development, production and distribution of SkyBell to people around the world. Backers can buy the device at a reduced price and will get their devices before the general public. Click here to visit SkyBell’s 5-week Indiegogo campaign. SkyBell will be available to the general public at for a retail price of $164.95 and is expected to ship in time for the holiday season.

About SkyBell

Founded in June 2013, SkyBell was created out of a passion to create useful technology that keep us connected and enhances our everyday lives. SkyBell gives users a way to “answer their door” whether they’re at home, at work, or on the go. Click here to visit the SkyBell Indiegogo page.

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