The Dont’s of Troubleshooting

If you have successfully synced SkyBell before you experienced issues, please DO NOT:

  1. Delete the SkyBell from your app account
  2. Attempt to Re-Sync SkyBell to your account
  3. Re-Sync SkyBell to another smartphone

*Contact us and we’ll review your specific account

If you have NOT successfully synced SkyBell at any point, please DO NOT:

  1. Attempt the Syncing process more than 5 times. Contact us and we’ll assist you in identifying the issue.

If you are encountering issues, please contact us

Complete the Customer Support Questionnaire and send it to our customer service team so we can troubleshoot your issue as quickly as possible.

Complete a customer service ticket by clicking “Contact Support” on the right side of our Customer Service Central page.