Troubleshooting Hub

Below is a list of resources for troubleshooting.


  1. Most Common Issues
  2. Do’s and Dont’s
  3. Speed Test
  4. 3rd Party Hardware

Installation Videos

  1. Full Installation Video
  2. Set Screw Close-up

Power Setup

Click link to see all power diagrams.

Software Updates

  1. Firmware Update 2-8-14 Details
  2. Mobile App Updates

Help with Routers

  1. Linksys/Cisco DNS Change Guide
  2. Airport Extreme Guide for 2.4ghz Setup

Pre-Installation Checklist

Click here to see a list of items to check before you install your SkyBell.


Syncing and Routers
If you are having syncing issues for the first time please do not spend too much time attempting to sync your device. Usually it will work the first 3 attempts. While re-attempting a sync, be sure to re-enter your device ID and password and take note to do so accurately. There is no way for SkyBell to tell you if your Device ID or password is incorrect.

It is possible that SkyBell is having an issue with your router. We have identified new issues around this and our Wi-Fi module manufacturer and engineers are working to provide an update.

Bug – Freezing Video
We are aware of a bug for a select few users who are experiencing a freeze at 10 seconds, 20 seconds or 60 seconds into the video feed. If you are experiencing this, please do not delete SkyBell from your app or re-sync SkyBell to your app. Please hold and we will have an update imminently.

Bug – SkyBell Light Turns to Red or Blinking Red and Green
If your SkyBell shows a blinking green or red light or a solid red light 18-36 hours after it was working correctly, please consider the instructions in our latest 2-8-14 firmware release.

*If your SkyBell does not sync again after 3 attempts, then please contact our support team or await future updates and news.